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“Second City” Takes First Place…

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Have you looked up recently? If you have, you undoubtedly have seen a crane, or more while viewing the Chicago skyline.

The “Second City” has grabbed a first-place slot in the having the most active residential construction cranes in the United States.

Outside of the loop, the West Loop, Logan Square and Wicker Park are seeing the most crane activity as well with thousands of new apartments in development.

Stats have shown that out of all construction cranes, including non-residential, that late last year Chicago had 56 in operation, just behind Seattle with 62.

With the influx on new corporations and businesses to Chicago, thousands of residential units will be sought and the development is to keep up with the foreseeable demand.

In 2017, the expected delivery of 33 new residential buildings, with approximately 6,000 units, seems to create a bit of paradox as explained by Curbed Chicago. Further noting that the United States census has marked Illinois and Cook County in red when it comes to residency. Chicago still seems to be an attractor because of it’s diverse industries, universities, culture and workforce talent.

If you are considering a move to Chicago, you will have quite a few options to choose from, but don’t let that fool you. Chicago residential accommodations move just as fast as the city itself.

If you’ve recently moved to the area, welcome to Chicago!

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